*As of September 2015, the founders of A Boston Blazer have moved to San Francisco, CA. The site will live on, but with slightly a different vibe. Think New England prep meets California cool. Stay tuned!


If you've ever been to Boston, you've probably recognized two things. Firstly, it’s a marvelous backdrop for just about anything: graduations, elections, regattas, the list goes on. Secondly, folks here don’t really do it justice with the way they dress. Somehow, over the last decade or two, Boston has transitioned from a place where the world looks to for inspiration (see: the glory days of the Northeastern prep aesthetic), to a city renowned for its sartorial shortcoming (see: GQ’s worst dressed city in America). However, there’s change in the air. Men  in Boston have started to put more effort in the way they dress, and retailers have responded.

As the very first men's fashion blog in Boston, A Boston Blazer looks to highlight the stylish standouts around the city. All photography and illustrations you see on the site are original content photographed or created by co-founders Alex and Gabi (along with a couple of friends) – beautiful depictions of style with the handsome city of Boston as a backdrop.

If you’re interested in partnering on a collaboration or getting in touch, feel free to drop us a line at abostonblazer@gmail.com. You can also find us on InstagramFacebookEtsy and Twitter.


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