Brimfield Antique Market

by Gabi Anderson


Three times a year the small town of Brimfield, MA is swarmed with visitors scouring for unique and inexpensive items for their home, wardrobe, or shop. Many retailers from the likes of Kate Spade NY to Ralph Lauren have been known to attend, hoping to find unique pieces for their stores. I’ve been hearing about this famous antique show since moving to Boston, so this past weekend I decided to go check it out. 

Even on its last day the show went on for what seemed like miles and was slightly overwhelming to take in all at once. Most of the great stuff gets scooped up on the first days so if you decide to go I would suggest taking the time to head there early on the first day. If you are coming from far away, the show’s website provides information for accommodations. 

There was an interesting mix of weird, creepy items (doll heads) and beautiful, rustic pieces. Because of the sheer variety and scale of the show there is something for everyone. Some of my favorite pieces included a crystal leopard bangle, a dresser with an Audrey Hepburn illustration, and a large 48 star American flag. 

The Brimfield antique show is only scheduled to run twice more in 2013: July 9-14 and Sept 3-8. Stop by and check it out!